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Title: Miracles
Author: dorksidefiker
Fandom: That Damn Mpreg
Table/Prompt: 54. How wide the world is.
Character/Pairing: Bobby Altman-Kaplan
Rating: PG
Word Count: 242
Summary: Bobby’s back in Rome for the first time in years.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: Mine!

Bobby leaned on the wrought iron railing of the balcony, letting the breeze rustle through his unbound hair. A few strands of silvery blond hair clung tenaciously to his cheeks, leading him to reach up and pull them away. He could hear the church bells ringing, calling the faithful to worship. His eyes fell on the ruins of Saint Peter’s basilica. Scaffolding had been erected around the ruins, but Angel had done a thorough job of the destruction. It might be decades before Vatican City recovered, if it ever did. He lifted his hair off the back of his neck, frowning.

The air still smelled like ashes, even two years later.

Zeke had loved Rome, especiallyVatican City. Something about standing there amongst all that piety, both genuine and false, had amused him. The only place they’d stayed longer during their little world tour had been Greece. They’d both loved Greece.

He knew that the faithful prayed every day amongst the ruins of the basilica, calling to their god for a miracle.

“Ask,” Bobby whispered as the building rose anew, reforming from the very air, “and ye shall receive.”

He was gone, already in St. Petersberg when the cry went up.
Tags: that damn mpreg

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