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Title: Recognition
Author: dorksidefiker
Fandom: MC2
Table/Prompt: Table 6/8. Lawyer
Character/Pairing: Darkdevil, She-Hulk
Rating: PG
Word Count: 237
Summary: Reilly never actually expected to meet her. He was just trying to find a little peace and quiet.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: I own nothing

Reilly didn’t relax until he had completed his escape down the largely unused corridor of the court house. Technically, the area was closed for remodeling, but that had been put on hold last year and wasn’t looking like it was going to restart any time soon. So Reilly retreated there while the judge pondered in his chambers, perching on a bench that hadn’t been removed. He closed his eyes, inhaling slowly through his nose as he tried to empty his head. He also did his best to ignore the tap tap tap of high heels on marble.

“Reilly Tyne?”

Reilly sat up straight, opening his eyes. An older woman in an understated business suit looked at him over the top of her half moon spectacles. She extended a hand with a smile. “Jennifer Walters,” she said, and Reilly’s stomach dropped down to his feet as he stood, shaking her hand.

“Ma’am, it’s an honor-”

“Easy, kid. I just wanted to pop by and say I like the way you’re handling this case.” She released his hand. “I’ve been hearing good things about you, Tyne.”

“Coming from you, Ms. Walters, that’s high praise.”
Tags: darkdevil, marvel, mc2, she-hulk

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