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Title: Afterprom
Author: dorksidefiker
Fandom: Marvel
Table/Prompt: Table 1 / 2. Love
Character/Pairing: Speedball, Trauma, Could 9, Scarlet Spider
Rating: PG
Word Count: 274
Summary: It’s the morning after the Avengers Academy Prom.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Robbie dug his fork straight through the pile of pancakes he’d already smothered in syrup, looking at his three companions. “I can’t believe you guys missed it.” he said with an overly dramatic sigh and a shake of his head.

“They ganged up on me,” Terry protested. “So it’s their fault.”

“I’m not going to a prom with a guy wearing a suit that could stand up by itself,” Abby retorted, breaking her bacon up and scattering it over his scrambled eggs.

“It wasn’t that bad.”

“It feel apart in the wash,” Pat pointed out, stealing Terry’s orange juice. “The new suit looks good on you anyway.”

Terry grumbled and slouched in his seat, the plastic covering making an undignified noise. “Proms are so stupid, anyway.”

“It was a good prom,” Robbie countered. “People had fun. You should’ve seen me spin.”

“I don’t do fun,” Terry deadpanned. “So why’d you invite me?”

“To see if you’d come,” Robbie admitted, “which you didn’t.”

“We already established that it wasn’t my fault. And I’m paying for the post prom dinner… breakfast… thing, so you can just stop bitching.”

“You’d have loved it.”

“Yeah, yeah. Gimme back my juice, Pat.” Terry held out a hand, gesturing for the return of the purloined drink.

Pat looked at the half empty glass in his hand and sniffed. “You made me miss prom, so no. It’s mine now.”
Tags: avengers, cloud 9, marvel, scarlet spiders, speedball, trauma

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