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The Things We Need

Title: The Things We Need
Author: dorksidefiker
Fandom: Original
Table/Prompt: Table B/85. Needful Things
Character/Pairing: Rowena Mox-Xanathos
Rating: PG
Word Count: 354
Summary: Rowena has a way of getting people what they need.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: Mine!

Rowena Mox-Xanathos watched the woman on the other side of her desk through her eyelashes as she lit her cigarette. The woman was poor, and she was desperate. Exactly the combination she was looking for. “I’m sorry to hear about your daughter, Mrs. McCormack.” She poured a glass of Scotch and pushed it across the desk with a finger. “And that husband of yours…” She clucked her tongue and shook her head sadly.

The woman’s hands shook as she picked up the glass. “My Jimmy’s a good man,” she said defensively.

“Mm-hm,” Rowena replied noncommittally.

“He’s just got some troubles. Times are hard.”

Rowena took a drag from her cigarette, exhaling the cloud of smoke slowly. “You seem to be having a lot of troubles lately, Sylvia McCormack. What can I do to help.”

The woman squirmed in her seat, eyes locked on the floor. “You know how it is. People talk, they say things.” She looked up, worrying her lower lip with her teeth. “You know that heathen magic, they say.”

“Mm-hm. And what is it you expect me to do?” Rowena leaned back, steepling her fingers. She didn’t smile, but if she had, it would have been the smile of a predator.

“I want revenge. I want those boys who took my little girl to hurt.” Sylvia McCormack snarled, teeth bared in an animal grimace of rage. “You can do that.”

“Perhaps,” Rowena admitted. “But it will cost.”


Two hours later, the jewelry box Sylvia McCormack had inherited from her mother sat on Rowena’s desk, emptied of the woman ‘s few treasures. Rowena had no interest in the baubles the woman hadn’t been able to pawn. No, the box itself held treasures that poor Sylvia would never have been able to appreciate, even if she’d known about it. Rowena murmured the Words of power and watched the hidden drawer pop open.
Tags: original

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