The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
The Typo Queen

Say A Little Prayer For Me

Title: Say A Little Prayer For Me
Fandom: New X-Men
Characters: Santo, Santo’s mom
Prompt: Table 7/55. Pray
Word Count: 128
Rating: PG
Summary: Santo’s calling home.
Author's Notes: I own nothing.

“Mama? I tried to call you before…” Santo said, holding the borrowed cell phone carefully between two large, rocky fingers. He’d already accidentally crushed three of them, and Ms. Frost had made it clear that he wasn’t getting another one for some time to come, so he’d been forced to borrow Vic’s.

And Vic would kill him if he ruined this phone, too.

“Santo, baby! Oh, I had my phone off, I was at church.”

“It’s Tuesday, Mama.”

“I have a lot to pray for, baby. You alright?”

“Uh-huh. Just wanted to, y’know.”

“I know.”
Tags: marvel, rockslide, x-men

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