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Title: Starlight
Author: dorksidefiker
Fandom: X-Men/Runaways
Table/Prompt: 17. The Star
Character/Pairing: Megan/Karolina
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Karolina suspect that Megan's attention is wandering.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: I own nothing. Written for... I think a kink meme?

So this is what fucking a rainbow feels like, Megan thought. Immediately, she blushed and tried to forget that she'd thought that, because that was the kind of thing that bad girls thought, and Megan might have been a lot of things but she wasn't really bad.

All thoughts of goodness and badness were driven right out of her head as Karolina trailed her fingers up the inside of Megan's thigh, followed by her tongue. The mutant squeaked and clutched at Karolina's -- hair? Aura? It was in the general area where the blonde's hair was when she wasn't lit up like a rainbow, but hair didn't really do that floaty all over the place thing unless it was in water. And it didn't really offer Megan anything to hold on to, so she decided that it was an aura or a nimbus, and-


Karolina's fingers were warm as they glided past the lips of Megan's pussy, teasing lightly across the moist folds before sliding inside her. Karolina watched her, blues and violets and pale pinks moving across her face. She grinned slightly. "I think you're mind is wandering," the other girl teased, pumping her fingers slowly as the rainbow aura caressed Megan's legs.

"M-me? Course not..." Megan whimpered, her full attention on Karolina and what she was doing.
Tags: karolina dean, marvel, pixie, runaways, x-men

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