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10 Lyrics/Reboot

Status: In Progress

Table Eleven - OUT OF CONTEXT (lyrics from songs most people I know have never heard, but can inspire even so - courtesy of [info]fai_dust )

1. She moves in simple curves, she speaks in simple words, and it's simple to be in love with her - 'She' - Edie Brickell
2. Only too late did I see that I wore Nietzsche's eyes now that I step back to see, I haven't been me... - 'Nietzsche's Eyes' - Paula Cole
3. I know your heart has held its own fear, it's perfectly clear what they did to you - 'Ruins' - Melissa Etheridge
4. It won't be easy to find relief and I'm not proud that nothing will seem easy about me - 'Relief Next To Me' - Tegan & Sara
5. Every time she closed her eyes she saw what could have been - 'Paradise' - Vanessa Carlton
6. Only, only, wanting contact with you - 'I Have The Touch' - Heather Nova
7. Every morning and every night, do you smile to be polite? No way of knowing - 'Longer' - Delta Goodrem
8. So sit back, relax, enjoy my show, this could be funny, I'm about to lose control - 'Lose Control' - Maria Mena
9. With your child's eyes you are more than you seem, you see into space I see in your face - 'Universe & U' - KT Tunstall
10. 'Cause nothing fuels a good flirtation like need and anger and desperation - 'The Moth' - Aimee Mann

Table Eleven bonus swap out lyrics (you can swap out two):

1. They couldn't be more wrong I knew with just one look that we would re-write the book - 'Whoever Made Those Rules' - Doc Walker
2. A nation of civilized steeples and lonely people, welcome to the new wild west - 'The New Wild West' - Jewel
3. I'm not afraid of happy endings, I'm just afraid my life won't work that way - 'Fear of Dying' - Jack off Jill*
4. No, I don't wanna trust anyone that makes me wake up smiling and makes me blind - 'Trapped' - Horrorpops
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