The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
The Typo Queen

A New You

Title: A New You
Author: dorksidefiker
Fandom: Runaways
Table/Prompt: Table 1/13. Borrow
Character/Pairing: Nico, Molly. Mentions of Tommy/Molly.
Rating: PG
Word Count:
Summary: Molly wants to be a brand new girl.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Nico watched Molly hold the dress up against her body. “It’s not really you,” the older girl said dryly. “It’s more me.”

“Well tonight I don’t want to be me,” Molly replied. “Well, I wanna be me, but not the me Tommy thinks of as me. Does that make sense?”

“Isn’t Tommy taking you to a theme park?”

“Carnival,” Molly corrected. “With real carnies and stuff.”

“And you want… oh God.” Nico covered her mouth to stifle a giggle as Molly gave her a too-serious look. “Oh my God.”

“Are you gonna help me or what?”
Tags: marvel, molly hayes, nico minoru, runaways

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