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Title: Pissed
Author: dorksidefiker
Fandom: Original
Prompt: Table B/11. Quitting
Character/Pairing: Rowena Mox-Xanathos, Clytemestra Xanathos, Hypolyta Xanathos, Theophylaktos Xanathos, Helena Xanathos
Rating: PG
Word Count: 177
Summary: Rowena’s trying to quit smoking.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: Mine!

Clytemestra peered through the doorway, then looked back at Hypolyta and Theophylaktos. “She looks pissed,” she whispered. “How long since the last cigarette?”

Theo checked his watch. “Two hours, seven minutes.”

“We’re doomed,” Hypolyta said. “We should run for it now. Before she blows something up. Like us.”

“Is Momma still being pissy?” Helena asked, seeming to pop up out of nowhere, startling her older siblings.

“And she’s gonna stay that way until she starts smoking again,” Theo confirmed. Helena wrinkled her nose and made a disgusted noise. “We need to get her a pack before she kills us.”

“But she wants to quit, right?” Helena asked. “So we should help her. Because they totally reek.”

“Stink… or explosions…” Hypolyta mused. “I’ll take the stink.”

“I can hear you,” Rowena called from the kitchen, sending her children running.
Tags: original

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