The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
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Title: Bloodied
Author: dorksidefiker
Fandom: Original
Prompt: Table B/47. Nosebleed
Character/Pairing: Rowena Mox-Xanathos
Rating: PG
Word Count: 117
Summary: There’s blood on her face.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: Mine!

Rowena kept her head bent down, the sleeve of her blouse pressed against the nostrils in an effort to stop the bleeding. Abe hovered protectively around her, making distressed noises. She put her other hand out, catching him by the collar. “I’m fine,” she insisted.

“You look like a raccoon!” he said, a puppy like whine creeping into his voice.

“Hank looks worse,” Rowena reminded her brother smugly. And she was pleased over the damage she’d done to the smug little twat. Completely worth the nose.
Tags: original

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