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First Christmas

Title: First Christmas
Author: dorksidefiker
Fandom: Avengers: the Initiative
Characters: Pat the Scarlet Spider/Terry Ward
Prompt: Table 1/16. Empty
Word Count: 162
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It’s Pat’s first Christmas, and Terry’s come back for a visit.
Warnings: Slash (duuuuh)
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Written for tsukuro

Patrick looked in to the box, then turned it upside down. “Empty?” he said unnecessarily.

Terry shrugged and smiled apologetically. “Turns out there’s not much money in wandering the world trying to find yourself.”

“You came,” Patrick said. “That’s enough.” He handed Terry a lumpy package poorly wrapped in last week’s Sunday comics. A quick tearing of the newsprint revealed a slightly lumpy scarf with little pink skulls on a black background.

“Um, thank you.” Terry hesitated. “Now I feel really bad about the empty box.”

Patrick took the scarf and wrapped it around Terry’s neck a few times before leaning against him. “You’ll make it up to me.”
Tags: marvel, scarlet spiders, trauma

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