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The Fix is In

TITLE: The Fix is In
AUTHOR: dorksidefiker
PAIRING/CHARACTER/GENERAL SERIES: Elixir/Wither/Anole, Emma Frost, the Stepford Cuckoos
PROMPT: 47. Sweat
SUMMARY: Someone was going to find them sooner or later.
NOTES: Another part to my Fixer series.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing.

Victor planted open mouthed kisses down Kevin’s back, tasting the salty sweat on the other boy’s pale skin. He looked up, watching Josh watching him through half lidded eyes as he stroked Kevin’s hair. Victor returned his attention to exploring Kevin’s back, though he continued to watch Josh covertly. The muscles twitched and jumped beneath his touch, and Kevin squirmed a little. Victor ran his fingers up and down Kevin’s ribs, continuing to kiss his way down the small of his back.

A noise outside made all three boys freeze, wary of the cause. They’d changed the place they were staying every few days; sometimes in motels, sometimes abandoned buildings when they could find one that wasn’t overrun with squatters. It all happened under Josh’s direction; he had a plan, but Victor hadn’t worked out what it was. To be honest, he was generally beyond caring. He felt good because of what Josh did for him, and it’d been too long since he’d felt that way.

Josh untangled himself from Kevin, and Victor immediately rolled away, reaching for his clothes. The few times they’d gotten into fights, against the Church of Humanity or people who decided they wanted the building the trio had camped out in, and in one case a very stupid junkie who’d tried to mug Kevin, Josh had turned Kevin’s powers back on. So far, nobody had died, but Josh wasn’t about to deny them a potential weapon. Victor passed Kevin his pants, then leapt up to the ceiling, blending in to the beige paint. Josh positioned himself by the door, right where no one could see him when they came in to the room.

Kevin, being the only one of them who could pass for human, was the one who dealt with people when they were able to get together enough money for a No Tell Motel. He was almost to the door when the whole world went white. Victor was vaguely aware of falling off the ceiling, of the door opening and three identical blondes strolling in to the room, followed by an older one. Victor knew them, but his mind was too scattered to put names to faces.


“Go to sleep, Victor,” the older woman said, not unkindly. “We’re going to fix this.”
Tags: anole, elixir, marvel, wither, x-men

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