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10 Lyrics/Anole


1. And I know in some ways I'm kinda evil - 'Music again' - Adam Lambert
2. Let me entertain you until you scream - 'For your entertainment' - Adam Lambert
3. I'm a freak but thanks for loving me - 'Whataya want from me' - Adam Lambert
4. I'll be your mirror, darlin', let your hair down - 'Strut' - Adam Lambert
5. I was born with glitter on my face - 'Sure fire winners' - Adam Lambert
6. When you're in my arms I feel emptier inside - 'A loaded smile' - Adam Lambert
7. There's a thin line between the dark side and the light side - 'If I had you' - Adam Lambert
8. All my life I've been waiting - 'Pick u up' - Adam Lambert
9. Silly le ménage à trois - 'Fever' - Adam Lambert
10. It's like I can't even feel after the way you touched me - 'Sleepwalker' - Adam Lambert

Table Three bonus swap out lyrics (you can swap out two):

1. What if today is as good as it gets? - 'No boundaries' - Adam Lambert
2. Before you break, you have to shed your armour - 'Aftermath' - Adam Lambert
3. I can't breathe thinking of your smile - 'Time for miracles' - Adam Lambert
4. You gave me one good reason to fight and never walk away - 'No boundaries' - Adam Lambert
5. Think of what could be, if you rewrite the role you play - 'Aftermath' - Adam Lambert
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