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Title: Submission
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Josh/Kevin/Victor
Prompt: 26. Submissive
Word Count: 866
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Josh isn’t sure that he really likes the results of all his work.
Author's Notes: Newest part in my Fixer series. Mansex and dub-con abound.

Josh was sitting in the motel room’s single chair, watching Kevin and Victor. The reptilian mutant was asleep, and Kevin lay beside him, stroking the emerald colored skin with a look of wonder still on his face. Josh thought that he should have been pleased. He’d fixed Kevin and Victor. They were both happy, and Kevin had the kind of control over his powers that he’d never had before, thanks to Josh’s manipulation of his body chemistry. Kevin could touch people, and Victor wasn’t angry anymore.

But both of them were too docile. They didn’t question things anymore. They just obeyed Josh’s every request without batting an eye. As much as Josh appreciated not having to fight them about stuff anymore, he wasn’t sure he liked them being so… well, not themselves.

Victor shivered and stretched in his sleep, moaning softly as Kevin’s hand glided down his chest, his mouth pressing against the smooth skin of Victor’s throat. Josh shifted in his seat, feeling a familiar tightening in his groin. His eyes met Kevin’s briefly, and Josh rose from his chair, joining the two on the bed. The sudden movement of the mattress finally jarred Victor all the way awake. Josh pressed against Victor’s back, caressing Kevin’s arm with one hand and sending a flood of the chemicals that kept Kevin’s powers in check coursing through his blood while the other hand slipped between Victor’s legs, his fingers sliding across the other mutant’s perineum. Victor moaned, his head rolling back to rest against Josh’s shoulder.

Kevin gently sank his teeth into the exposed throat, eliciting a gasp from Victor. Josh groaned, grinding against Victor’s ass and reaching for the lube on the bedside table. Kevin made a noise that Josh could only think of as a purr as one of his pale hands closed around the base of Victor’s cock. Victor’s tongue snaked out, leaving a wet trail down Josh’s ribs as the golden skinned mutant spread the lube onto his fingers. Josh pressed a kiss to Victor’s shoulder, pushing a probing finger in slowly. Kevin raised his head, catching Josh with a kiss that was almost playful. Victor writhed between them as Josh pressed in with another finger, scissoring them inside Victor.


Kevin cut off Victor’s moan with a kiss, and Josh swore softly, stretching Victor out while healing any hurt he might inadvertently cause. Using his powers felt at least as good as what he was about to do with Victor and Kevin. Kevin half draped himself across Victor, taking the lube and smoothing it over Josh’s cock. His hands were warm and callused and surprisingly skilled. Josh groaned again, and Kevin withdrew his hand as Victor helpfully rolled onto his stomach, raising his hips and spreading his legs. Josh rolled up to his knees, his fingers digging into the hollows of Victor’s hip bones as Kevin rolled onto his back and watched them with half lidded eyes. Josh bent down, cupping the back of Kevin’s head and running his fingers through the other boy’s thick, dark hair, Victor momentarily ignored. Kevin’s mouth tasted like ashes, but Josh didn’t care. Victor turned his head, giving the pair a heated look as he whined softly.

Josh mounted Victor, thrusting slowly as he rained open mouth kisses across the other boy’s shoulders. Victor mewled in a brief moment of pain, and the young healer instinctively reached out with his power, soothing away Victor’s pain.

“Fuck-!” Victor thrust back against Josh, taking him in to the hilt. Kevin claimed Victor’s mouth for himself, one hand sliding up and down the reptilian boy’s erection while he fondled himself with the other. Josh kept thrusting, panting against Victor’s neck. He could feel each twitch and shudder of the other boy’s flesh, and moaned with each flex of his muscles. Victor was making a kind of keening noise, and the clawed hand that had grown in in place of the old one shredded the sheets in his grasp, which Josh knew meant he would soon be coming. Kevin was making an answering noise, and Josh was sure he wouldn’t last much longer than the other two.

Kevin came first, with a little cry as his seed spilled over his hand. Victor’s tongue stretched out, licking the come away until his body shuddered and arched and he shouted, then collapsed on the bed like he couldn’t support his own weight anymore. Josh thrust more slowly, trying to make the sensation last at least a little longer, to help him fight off the worrying thoughts that had begun to plague him.
For Josh, the world went white and all thought stopped. There was only the sensation; flesh on trembling flesh. Callused hands caressing his back, then his chest and stomach as he rolled off Victor. He wished that he could keep things just like that, so he didn’t have to think about what Victor and Kevin were becoming.
Tags: anole, elixir, marvel, wither, x-men

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