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Title: Unprofessional
Author: dorksidefiker
Fandom: X-Men/Avengers: The Initiative
Characters: Trauma/Anole
Prompt: Table 1/26. Smirk
Word Count:
Rating: R
Summary: "I really don't think I'm the person Victor needs to be talking to."
Warnings: Slash.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Written for the marvel_kink meme.

"I really don't think I'm the person Victor needs to be talking to to help him with this," Terry said, grimacing slightly as Dani turned and gave him a look that screamed I know you've been having pervy thoughts about your patient.


Someone less paranoid than Terry wouldn't have read anything into that one little word, but Terry was quickly becoming a master of paranoia. It might have been crazy, but then again, when one's biological father was an cosmic horror that had already tried to take over your body once...

"I think he needs someone a bit more professional," Terry went one. "Someone with... I dunno. An actual degree. Or something."


Oh God, she was smirking. Okay, she wasn't actually, but he could feel the smirk that was just waiting.

"Have you told Vic about your decision?"

"I was gonna talk to him next."



"So does this mean you'll finally go out for coffee with me?" Victor asked, wrapping his arm around one leg and keeping it close to his chest while the other dangled over the side of his chair. Terry wasn't sure when his sessions with Victor had turned into just talking, but he was pretty sure it had happened early, and it was a bad thing, from a strictly doctor-patient point of view. He did want to help Victor, and he thought they'd made some progress, but...

But there were times when what he really wanted to do was cross the space between them, pin Victor to the chair, and find out just how good that tongue really was.

"Maybe. We'll see."


Victor looked like shit when Terry finally arrived. He had his head in his hands, and his skin had taken on a slightly gray pallor. "Vic?"

The young mutant's head jerked up sharply. "I-" He inhaled sharply as Terry looked at the mess around them.

"It's okay," he said softly, dropping down onto what was left of an ottoman. "It's-"

"It's not okay," Victor said hoarsely. "I think it's okay, and for a while it is, but then it's not. It's like... the buses blowing up all over again, and then the Purifiers." He breathed in again, shakily. "I've got... I'm seeing a new therapist, but it's just not..."

Terry reached over tentatively, but Victor pushed his hand away.

"Not right now, okay? Right now, I need to, Christ, Terry, I don't know."

"Alright, Vic."


Victor put his shirt back on afterward and promptly stole all the covers, making himself a little cocoon before falling alseep. Terry didn't object too loudly; just a token protest before letting Victor have his way. He didn't sleep much, anyway.

The room smelled like sex, with an undercurrent of something sweet (the only lube he'd been able to find had been the scented stuff, and ultimately they'd both decided that it didn't matter). The sex had been fumbling and awkward and a little bit scary for both of them; questions of if they were doing this because they actually wanted to be together or if they were just looking for something to fill their personal voids had come up. Then they'd both dissolved into laughter over the mental image, and things had gone much more smoothly.

And now Victor was asleep in Terry's bed, and Terry really didn't know what to do.
Tags: anole, marvel, trauma, x-men

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