The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
The Typo Queen

100 Prompts Table B Original

In an effort to get back to writing original work, I'm going to do a table that focuses entirely on my original, NOT That Damn Mpreg characters.

Okay, so one or two have shown up in TDM, but this isn't gonna be TDM stories.

Status: In Progress

001.Immortal 002.Sway 003.Sticks and Stones 004.Museum 005.Practical
006.Over 007.Speak 008.White noise 009.Snow storm 010.Present
011.Quitting 012.Paint 013.Freak out 014.Home alone 015.Haunted
016.Moonlight 017.Front 018.Queue 019.Bus 020.Stare
021.Massage 022.Wine 023.Searching 024.Toxic 025.Forget
026.Stripped 027.Cheating 028.Onlin 029.Climbing 030.Speed
031.Eating out 032.Admire 033.Thrilled 034.Shadow 035.Coming home
036.Anywhere 037.Lonely road 038.Electrify 039.Coffee break 040.Chained
041.Watermelon 042.Paper 043.Endangered 044.Fragrant 045.Wasted
046.Sheltered 047.Nosebleed 048.Cuddle 049.Fireplace 050.Played for a fool
051.Fireflies 052.Pills 053.Endless night 054.Crawl 055.Invisible
056.Wealth 057.Power 058.Desolate 059.Tissues 060.Varnish
061.Careful 062.Dirty 063.Circus 064.Engagement 065.Junction
066.Barren 067.Lipstick 068.Shirt 069.Shortbread 070.Groceries
071.Speakers 072.Under the influence 073.Odd socks 074.Spatula 075.Watching
076.Sweat 077.Closer 078.Turning point 079.Mercy 080.Under pressure
081.News 082.Candy 083.Rain 084.Whistle 085.Needful things
086.Lawyers 087.Park bench 088.Locked 089.Tongue-tied 090.Marzipan
091.Butterflies 092.Winners and Losers 093.Abducted 094.Plugged 095.Carefree
096.Writer's Choice 097.Writer's Choice 098.Writer's Choice 099.Writer's Choice 100.Writer's Choice

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