The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
The Typo Queen

Squirrely Bastards

Title: Squirrely Bastards
Author/Artist: dorksidefiker
Pairing/Character/etc: Julian Keller, Christian Summers
Fandom: That Damn Mpreg
Rating: PG
Theme: 8. Never
Disclaimer: I don’t own Julian. Christian IS mine, though.
Note: Another That Damn Mpreg story.

Julian Keller could feel a headache of epic proportions building up behind his eyes. It always came when he was dealing with Christian Summers, for some reason. “You can’t name your squad this.”

“Why not?” Christian challenged. “It describes them perfectly.”

“Because it’s not appropriate. I’m not letting you call your squad the Squirrely Bastards, and that’s final. Come up with an appropriate name, Mr. Summers, or I’ll be forced to choose one for you.”
Tags: hellion, marvel, that damn mpreg, x-men

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