The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
The Typo Queen

Haven’t Changed A Bit

Title: Haven’t Changed A Bit
Author/Artist: dorksidefiker
Pairing/Character/etc: Jean-Luc LeBeau, Gunther Thorson
Fandom: That Damn Mpreg
Rating: PG
Theme: 7. Forever
Disclaimer: I own it all. Kind of. The characters were actually created by timemoneky.
Note: Another tale from That Damn Mpreg

“I never thought,” Jean-Luc wheezed, “that I would die like this. Old and… unknown. Forgotten.”

Gunther slumped down in the uncomfortable chair the hospital had provided him. He could have changed it into something far more fitting with a word, but just then he really didn’t feel like it. “I remember you, Jean-Luc.”
“Of course you do,” the old man said, laughing dryly. “You haven’t aged at all. I don’t think you ever will. Must be nice to be a god.” He closed his eyes and clutched the sheets in his frail hands as he shuddered, groaning softly. “I’m never going to get out of this God forsaken place.”

“Nonsense,” Gunther said sharply, sitting up. “I will not hear this from you. You’re still perfectly fine, just a little older than you used to be.”

“Ah Gunther… ever the optimist. A very strange trait for you, all things considered.”
Tags: that damn mpreg

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