The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
The Typo Queen

Westward Bound

Title: Westward Bound
Fandom: Generation X/New Warriors
Characters: Jono/Jubilee
Prompt: 6. And they road off into the sunset.
Word Count: 200
Rating: PG
Summary: Okay, so the New Warriors thing really wasn’t the best of ideas.
Author's Notes: I own nothing.

“Come with me,” Jono said, straddling the motorcycle and watching Jubilee as he reached for a helmet. “This New Warriors thing has gone to shit. There’s no reason to stay in this bloody awful city.”

“And what am I supposed to do if I go with you?” Jubilee asked. “I wanted to be a hero again, Jono.”

“I know, pet. But you can be a hero without Night Thrasher and his toys. We were just a means to an end for him, and I, for one, am tired of being used.”

“Where are you going to go?” Jubilee asked.

Jono looked at the helmet in his hands thoughtfully, peering into it like it was a magic 8-ball. “Heard some bloke was impersonating me out in LA a while back. Figured I’d check it out.”

“Sounds like an adventure,” Jubilee mused, settling on the back of the bike and wrapping her arms around Jono’s torso. “Lets ride off into the sunset.”
Tags: decibel, jubilee, marvel, new warriors, x-men

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