The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
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Days Past

Title: Days Past
Author: fullmetal_cute
Fandom: Ben 10: Alien Force
Prompt: 25. You
Character/Pairing: Kevin/Ben
Rating: PG
Word Count: 352
Summary: It’s hard for him to not change the past.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: I own nothing. Written for tonk17 for the big Exchange thingie. My apologies for not including Paradox, but he’s a tricky fellow to catch.

Kevin Levin hid in the shadows, watching his younger self dig through the dumpster in search of something to fill his painfully empty belly. He studied the too-thin face, all sharp and hard and angry, decked out in black and studded arm bands that he thought made him look tough (to the older Kevin, he looked like a scrawny, terrified kid). Even after all these years, Kevin remembered that anger more than anything from what he called his Bad Old Days. Anger at his mom and step-dad, anger at the whole damn world… anger at himself for being a freak.

He knew what today was, and what tomorrow would bring his younger self.

Tomorrow, he would meet Ben Tennyson for the first time.

Part of Kevin wanted to stride over there and shake some sense into the kid, tell him what he should do tomorrow… make his life easier, fix him. Keep him from making all the stupid mistakes Kevin had made and come to regret.

Ben, using Big Chill’s form, drifted silently through the wall and stood beside Kevin, watching the feral child. “You seemed so big to me, back then,” Ben murmured, the alien body making his voice sound like the rustling of dead leaves. “Now…”

“Scrawny and rabid,” Kevin said.

“Ready to go?”

Kevin watched himself emerge triumphantly from the dumpster, covered in filth and desperately clutching a pizza box to his narrow chest. “Lets go home.”

Ben’s hand lingered a moment on Kevin’s shoulder before sliding up to cup his cheek briefly.

“I wanna tell him it’s gonna get better,” Kevin whispered, turning away from his past. “Or at least buy him some real food. Lets go before I alter the time stream or whatever.”
Tags: ben 10, ben tennyson, kevin levin

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