The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
The Typo Queen

Crazy Making

Title: Crazy Making
Fandom: Generation X
Characters: Sean Cassidy
Prompt: 10. The what and the what?
Word Count: 174
Rating: PG
Summary: “I don’t want to see or hear you for the rest of the week.”
Author's Notes: I? I don’t own a damn thing.

“Okay, out. All of you,” Sean said, pointing a finger at the door, “just go. I don’t want to see or hear you for the rest of the week.”

He watched the herd of students file out, waiting until the door was closed to reach for the bottle tucked into his bottom desk drawer. He was absolutely certain now that letting that Gaia girl stay here was going to be the death of him. Since her arrival, things had been more chaotic than usual, and that was well and truly saying something.

Through the door, he could just barely make out Emma’s voice.

“You did what with what?”

Silently, Sean poured another glass of bourbon. Emma would be wanting a drink herself after she heard the full story.
Tags: banshee, marvel, x-men

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