The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
The Typo Queen

The Black Bitch

Title: The Black Bitch
Author/Artist: dorksidefiker
Pairing/Character/etc: Daemon Summers, Rowena Mox-Xanathos
Fandom: That Damn Mpreg
Rating: PG
Theme: 14. Dark
Disclaimer: Mine! Mine, you hear!
Note: Another That Damn Mpreg story.

Daemon climbed the stairs of the shabby Mutant Town apartment building, his eyes on the shadows. They seemed to breathe in the dim light of the bare bulbs that hung too far apart. He was certain he was being watched; he expected no less from the woman he was here to see. He could feel her power woven into the very matter of the building.

The Black Bitch would be watching his every move.

The stairs ended in a single dark door, left slightly ajar. Daemon could smell vanilla and woman through the crack, and a light was on inside the room. Daemon stretched out a hand, pushing the door open without crossing the threshold. “Mistress Mox?”

“I prefer Mrs. Xanathos.” The voice was cold and hard, flavored with a faint accent. The voice belonged to a surprisingly young looking woman seated behind a wide oak desk. She was thin and probably middle eastern, with black hair in two long, thick braids. She might have been pretty, if not for the great beak of a nose dominating her face and the old, hard look around her eyes and mouth. The room she sat in was too large and fine for the building, with high ceilings lined with books and thick, dark rugs covering the floor.

“Mrs. Xanathos, then,” Daemon said with a polite inclination of his head. He would not speak the name outside of her presence – it did not do to bring the attention of The Keeper on oneself, and this immortal would no doubt be attuned to her name. She was the guardian of a Great Old One, and that gave her access to powers that he was wise to be wary of.

“Don’t linger in doorways, boy, it’s rude. Step inside and tell me what it is that brings you to me.”
Tags: that damn mpreg

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