The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
The Typo Queen

Happy Birthday

Title: Happy Birthday
Fandom: Generation X
Characters: Angelo “Fuck YOU Chuck Austen” Espinosa, Everett, Sean, Jono
Prompt: 14. Booze and Hookers
Word Count: 184
Rating: PG
Summary: Angelo wanted to spring for hookers.
Author's Notes: I own nothing.

“I wanted to get you booze and hookers,” Angelo muttered as Everett blew out the last of the candles on the second of the two birthday cakes he’d been presented with that day. The first had long since been devoured, mostly by Jubilee before the girls had finally been ditched for Guys Night. The African American teenager looked up, arching an eyebrow slightly. “I’m just saying…”

“Frost would have your balls for baubles if you brought hookers here,” Sean said, putting a cooler in the middle of the table. “And nobody tells her about this, aye?” He looked from Everett to Angelo to Jono, who was looking particularly disgruntled. “Not one word.”

“Am I gonna have to swear some kind of blood oath or something before you let us have the beer?” Angelo asked.

“You didn’t have to do this,” Everett insisted. “Really. You shouldn’t have.”
Tags: banshee, chamber, marvel, skin, synch, x-men

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