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Young Masters of Evil II part 1: Broken Bonds

Title: Young Masters of Evil II part 1: Broken Bonds
Fandom: Young Avengers
Characters: Our Heroes and their Villainous Counterparts
Prompt: 37. Survive
Word Count: 580
Rating: PG-13
Summary: They’re not sure who they can trust anymore.
Disclaimer: I own very little.
Notes: Part of my Young Masters of Evil series.
Link: My Table

Kate looked sadly around the quiet, empty Lair and felt her heart breaking a little. The only other person there was Jonas, who was sitting silently as he stared at nothing. At least, he looked like he was staring at nothing. It was hard to tell sometimes.

[Do you trust me, Kate?]

The arched shook her head. “I’m not sure,” she said softly. “You kept big secrets from us. God only knows what they would have done to Billy. And you won’t tell anyone why.”

Jonas looked at Kate, his eyes glowing faintly, which looked distinctly odd since he was wearing a human face at the moment. [I can’t,] he said. [Not yet.]

“I don’t think the team can survive this. Billy and Teddy aren’t returning my calls, Tommy’s been here a grand total of twenty minutes all together in the last three months-”

[And neither Eli nor Cassie are talking to me any more than they have to. I know.] Jonas stood up. [Which is why I’m taking a leave of absence. As long as I am here, the team remains fractured. Billy and Teddy will return when I am gone.] He paused. [I notice that you are not protesting,] he added.

“Where are you going to go?”

Jonas shrugged. [I’ll be in touch.]


Billy chewed on his thumbnail and shut off his cell phone. “It was Kate,” he said. “Jonas is taking off for a while.”

Teddy grunted.

“She wants us to come by the Lair tomorrow. Team meeting.”

This got another grunt out of Teddy, but this one held a little more interest in it’s tone. Teddy actually looked away from his video game.

“You wanna go?” Billy asked.

Teddy studied Billy thoughtfully, then nodded.


Someone had left a bouquet of daisies on Cassie’s bed, and a note in handwriting that was too perfect to have been made by a human.

I’m Sorry


“Happy?” Mina asked, tipping the water out of the scrying bowl and onto the dusty ground.

“Could be better,” Kang drawled, “but things are progressing well.”

“As soon as I find a way around Dad’s binding, we’re going to get the others, right?”

Kang took Mina’s chin in his hand, tilting her face up. “Maybe.”

Mina jerked her face out of his grip, her lips pursed. “We need them. Okay, maybe not Ricky, but the others…”

“Do I?” Kang asked, something hard coming in to his eyes. “Don’t presume, Lokispawn. I know what I’m doing.”

“Of course,” Mina said, sticking the bowl back into her backpack. “I need to get back before I’m missed. They don’t like it when nobody knows where I am, and I doubt my distraction is going to last much longer.”
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