The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
The Typo Queen

No Time for Tears

Title: No Time for Tears
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Characters: Jessica Jones
Prompt: 12. Tears
Word Count: 128
Rating: PG
Summary: She doesn’t have time to cry; she needs to find her daughter.
Author's Notes: Written for guety

Jessica Jones held her daughter’s onesie so tightly between her hands that it ripped apart like a tissue. She felt tears of frustration prickling her eyes, but she blinked them away quickly. She didn’t have time for tears. She needed to find Danielle, and she needed to do it now.

When she found the Skrull that had taken her daughter, she was going to pound him into a puddle of goo. Literally, if at all possible. Then she was never letting Danielle out of her sight again.
Tags: jessica jones, marvel

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