The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
The Typo Queen

I’m a sucker for a pretty guy. 50 Trauma stories done on 50scenes

Status: In Progress

001.Sleep. 002.Love. 003.Pain. 004.Sand. 005.Glass.
006.Church. 007. Moonlight. 008.Happiness. 009. Tears. 010.Writer's Choice.
011.Cry. 012.Silence. 013.Sun. 014.Sing. 015. Twist.
016.Empty. 017.Blossom. 018. Harp. 019.Control. 020. Writer's Choice.
021.Psychotic. 022.Hope. 023.Alone. 024. Viridian. 025. Gasp.
026.Smirk. 027. Piece. 028. Fly. 029.Elope. 030. Writer's Choice.
031.Moment. 032. Eternal. 033. Wish. 034. Darkness. 035.Poem.
036.Sick. 037.Turbulence. 038.Malevolence. 039. Sugar. 040. Writer's Choice.
041.Embrace. 042.Dark Eyes. 043.Hands. 044. Youth. 045.Ignored.
046.Mistake. 047.Stars. 048. Pluto. 049. Fortune. 050. Writer's Choice.
Tags: marvel, trauma

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