The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
The Typo Queen

A Hero

Title: A Hero
Author: fullmetal_cute
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Victor Borkowski
Prompt: Table 2/1. Hero
Word Count: 191
Rating: PG
Summary: “I’m just here to help.”
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: You all don’t actually think I OWN this, do you?

“Oh God thank you so much!” the man said, taking the child from Victor and holding him tightly. “Thank you, thank you! You’re a hero!”

“I’m just here to help,” Victor said, scooping up the teddy bear that had been abandoned by the side of the road and holding it out. The toddler snatched it from him and stuck one slightly grimy ear into his mouth.

“I have never seen anything like that, and I used to live in New York! You could have been killed, running out in front of that car like that.” He held the child in his arms that much closer while trying to get the dirty toy out of his mouth. “I don’t think I could ever thank you enough.”

“All the thanks I want is for you to not tell my headmistress about this,” Victor admitted. “She’d kill me for doing something that reckless.”
Tags: anole, marvel, x-men

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