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Elf Boy

Title: Elf Boy
Author/Artist: fullmetal_cute
Pairing/Character/etc: Lucian Beaubier and a gaggle of others.
Fandom: That Damn Mpreg
Rating: PG
Theme: 28. Want
Disclaimer: They’re mine, all mine!
Note: 40 sentences staring That Damn Mpreg’s Lucian Beaubier.

1. Want
“All I want to hear,” Lucian said as he slipped the ring on to Raia’s gloved finger, “is ‘yes’.”

2. Nervous
“But what if they think I’m weird?” Lucian asked his uncle, tossing clothes into a box to be sent on to Xaviers as he did so.

3. Hope
Jeanne-Marie seemed more lucid this time than she had during the last visit.

4. Change
“This doesn’t change who I am,” he told Luna flatly.

5. Limit
Lucian heaved and strained, but there were limits to even his strength.

6. Borrow
Lucian came to James’s room in search of hair gel, since his hand run out in the middle of his morning ritual.

7. Arrival
“I don’t know,” Jeanne-Marie said hazily as her brother peered into the bassinette.

8. Animal
Lucian knew the moment he saw the tidal wave of squirrels coming towards him that he really was the only sane man on the squad.

9. Appear
“How does he do that?” Lucian asked as T’Cullak disappeared back into the darkness.

10. Upset
Lucian didn’t know what he’d done to make his mother so agitated, but he knew that he needed to leave now.

11. Bomb
“Stop turning my lunch into a damn bomb, Sean!”

12. Badger
Lucian knew, the moment he saw the flying pink badger, that it was time to leave.

13. Believe
“Your power is based on the belief of those around you,” Lucian said with a wicked smirk, “and I don’t believe in you.”

14. River
He watched Lillian move through the river like an otter, and he found himself smiling in spite of himself.

15. Fool
“I am never playing poker with you again, Guthrie.”

16. Sneer
“I’m better than human, I’m French Canadian.”

17. Trip
It took a trip across three dimensions and backwards in time two centuries to make Lucian realized how much he needed Raia.

18. Sweet
Her lip gloss tasted like peppermint candy.

19. Blood
Lucian kept his hands pressed against the worst of James’ wounds until a medic took him away; he didn’t get the chance to wash the blood off until much later, when it had long since been mingled with that of the invading demons.

20. Emergence
Watching the thing that had been Angel Starsmore emerge was like watching the birth of a god.

21. Everything
“You are my whole world, Raia.”

22. Collide
Lucian rubbed his arm and informed the girl in his most arctic tones that being hit by a wing hurt.

23. Design
“If Raia’s father doesn’t kill you,” Lucian said as he looked over the twins second attempt at redesigning the team costumes, “Angel’s will.”

24. Dusk
The sun was setting as Lucian went to talk to Eric.

25. Wake
Lucian didn’t go to Pietro Maximoff’s wake; he saw no reason to, even knowing what he knew.

26. Stranded
“Get me down from here!”

27. Ashamed
“Ah’m so sorry,” Raia whispered, “that Ah didn’t tell ya sooner.”

28. Kiss
“Unlike my uncle, I am not interested in men,” Lucian said, spitting as he turned away from Daemon and scrubbing his lips with his sleeve.

29. Rescue
Eric was in the middle of thanking Lucian for the rescue when the Canadian mutant laid him out with a single hard punch.

30. Reveal
“I don’t really know how to tell you this,” Luna Maximoff said slowly.

31. Monster
“Angel is no longer our friend.”

32. Emotional
“You are so repressed,” Raia sighed, grabbing Lucian by the hand and pulling him along.

33. Unknown
Lucian really hated doing family tree projects at school.

34. Ditzy
“She doesn’t have a brain in her head,” Lucian mumbled.

35. Voyage
Lucian watched the Earth grow smaller and smaller on the space ship’s view screen.

36. Scream
“Raia is MY WIFE, and you dared-!” Lucian roared, coming down on his friend like a ton of bricks.

37. Wrong
“He didn’t deserve that,” Raia said quietly, shutting the door in Lucian’s face.

38. Go
“I need to get away for a while.”

39. Crazy
“Uncle Jean-Paul… am I going to end up like Mama?”

40. Neutral
“I won’t take sides in this,” Christian finally said after a very long pause.
Tags: that damn mpreg

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