The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
The Typo Queen

Touch Sensitive

Title: Touch Sensitive
Author/Artist: dorksidefiker
Pairing/Character/etc: Ambrose St. Peter, Billy Kaplan
Fandom: That Damn Mpreg
Rating: PG
Theme: 27. Touch
Disclaimer: I own most of this.
Note: Another tale from That Damn Mpreg.

Ambrose St. Peter, better known to the world at large as the X-Man Lykan, tugged his gloves off as he studied the knife laid out in front of him. He looked at the police officer watching him far too intently for his liking, then at his lawyer. “I’ve explained how my powers work,” he said, a small growl creeping in to his voice in spite of himself. “I have to touch the object to get an impression.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be some kind of dog man?” the officer asked skeptically.

“My lycanthropy is my most obvious ability,” Ambrose explained, “but any scent trail on this object died months ago. I can -- possibly, mind you – pick up a psychic trace of the person who used it, and how it was used. I would appreciate it if you’d stop looking at me like that.”

“My client is here on a voluntary basis, Officer, and he has used his talents on behalf of law enforcement agencies in the past,” Mr. Kaplan said. “In fact, as I understand it, Mr. St. Peter is here on their recommendation,” he added.

The officer gritted his teeth and nodded once, sharply. Silently, Ambrose picked up the knife with his bare hands.
Tags: marvel, that damn mpreg, wiccan, young avengers

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