The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
The Typo Queen

Finally, a challenge comm suited to my writing style! Behold, my 50scenes table!

Featuring Anole, of course.

Status: In Progress

001.Hero. 002.Grave. 003.Repent. 004.Change. 005.Power.
006.Glory. 007.Bitter. 008.Smiles. 009.Her. 010.Writer's Choice.
011.Escape. 012.Rose. 013.Heart. 014.Bleed. 015.Crimson.
016.Pain. 017.Relax. 018.Lover. 019.Without. 020.Writer's Choice.
021.Child. 022.Banned. 023.Grin. 024.Pattern. 025.Imprint.
026.Cost. 027.Calculate. 028.Gasp. 029.Benevolence. 030.Writer's Choice.
031.Angel. 032.Teddy. 033.Failure. 034.Sigh. 035.Overdose.
036.Saviour. 037.Epitome. 038.Syringe. 039.Mask. 040. Writer's Choice.
041.Angst. 042.Loss. 043. Wrapper. 044.Christmas. 045.Flicker.
046. Glimmer. 047.Bells. 048.Voice. 049.Listen. 050. Writer's Choice.
Tags: anole, x-men

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