The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
The Typo Queen

Your Pervert

Title: Your Pervert
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Victor/Julian
Prompt: 8. Whipped
Word Count: 265
Rating: R
Summary: Julian’s a pervert, but that’s not really surprising.
Author's Notes: I own nothing. Lots of thanks to clayin, who knows why.

Victor rolled onto his back and nudged the riding crop off the bed with his foot. “You’re a kinky guy, Julian Keller,” he said, stretching languidly.

Julian laughed softly, running his fingers down Victor’s neck and watching him shiver. “You are so fucking hot.”

Victor turned his head away, blushing faintly, and Julian rolled on top of him, pinning him to the bed with his weight. “Every time I tell you how much I wanna lock you in my room and fuck you into the floor, you do this… modesty thing.”

Victor squirmed, and Julian grabbed his face, making the other boy look him in the eye. “Let go, Julian.” When Julian refused to move, Victor reached up with his left hand and dug his claws into the back of the telekinetic’s thigh. Julian laughed against Victor’s neck and bit him in response.

“You know I like the rough stuff, gorgeous.”

“You’re a pervert,” Victor grunted.

“I’m your pervert,” Julian retorted shuddering as Victor started to pull his hand away. “And you’re mine. Don’t stop.”

“Maybe I should,” Victor growled, running his claws up Julian’s back. “You keep picking on me.” He flicked Julian’s nose with his tongue, enjoying the dark haired boy’s gasp as the claws ran across a bruise from the riding crop.

“I’ll shut up as long as you don’t stop.”
Tags: anole, hellion, marvel, x-men

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