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Title: Effie
Author: fullmetal_cute
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Characters/Pairings: Jean-Paul/Victor
Table/Prompt: Table 3/2. Child
Word Count: 178
Summary: There’s some debate about what’s best for Effie.
Warnings/Spoilers: None.
Author's Notes: Sequel to A Little Sympathy.

“Maybe we should make a special harness for Effie if you take her flying again,” Victor said thoughtfully, taking the squealing child from Jean-Paul.

“I can carry her just fine. Besides, a harness would be undignified.” Jean-Paul inspected Elphaba for any possible damage, smoothing her hair back as she wrapped her chubby green arms around Victor’s neck.

“She’s four. She’s not worried about her dignity.” Victor grinned. “You on the other hand…”

Jean-Paul gave Victor an irritated look that dissolved quickly and walked back towards the mansion. “I won’t be flying very fast with her anyways. It’s fine.”

“Uh-huh.” Victor trailed behind, already planning to have a talk with Forge about possible harness designs. Something like a Baby Bjorn was right out, but surely together they could come up with something he could talk Jean-Paul into.
Tags: anole, marvel, northstar, x-men

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