The Typo Queen (dorksidefiker) wrote,
The Typo Queen

Yes, another fanfic50 table. Cause I'm not happy unless I have a whole bunch of prompts to run with Victor.

Status: In Progress

001.Focus 002.Room 003.Sink 004.Story 005.Pool
006.Hook 007.Maze 008.Bold 009.Crush 010.Heal
011.Branch 012.Reign 013.Echo 014.Shadow 015.Dusk
016.Dawn 017.Plain 018.File 019.Charm 020.Plan
021.Blink 022.Grin 023.Spoon 024.Panic 025.Snow
026.Patrol 027.Opportunity 028.Vertical 029.Horizon 030.Replace
031.Fool 032.Intervention 033.Gift 034.Restless 035.Weight of the World
036.Wild 037.Harsh 038.Initiative 039.Pang(s) 040.Primal
041.Bribery 042.Theft 043.Impatience 044.Pray 045.Merchandise
046.Survivor 047.Captured 048.Uncivilized 049.Poke 050.Writers' Choice
Tags: anole, marvel, x-men

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