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But time as been kind in a weird kind of way

Title: Building a House
Universe: Young Avengers, House of M AU
Summary: Because I can't seem to stop writing Billy and Teddy, and because this plot bunny won't leave me alone, and because I keep reading those god-awful romances at the library.
Part 1: Foundation
Part 2: Structure
Part 3: Exterior
Part 4: Shingles
Part 5: Windows
Part 6: Walls
Part 7: Landscaping
Part 8: Doors
Part 9: Floors
Part 10: Pillar
Part 11: Security System
Part 12: Locks
Part 13: Weatherproofing
Part 14: Deconstruction


Not Too Bad
A Shower
The Big Problem
Seeds of Revolution

The Anole Chronicles
Part 1: The Announcement
Part 2: Things Unsaid
Part 3: Men in Uniform
Part 4: A Difference of Opinion
Part 5: A Little Bit of Home
Part 6: Unpopular
Part 7: A Little Talk
Part 8: Under Pressure
Part 9: A Good Idea
Part 10: The Green Knight
Part 11: Like Betrayal
Part 12: Crimson Guard
Part 13: The Heart of the Matter
Part 14: Sadly Mistaken
Part 15: An Hour
Part 16: Rift
Part 17: Kowtow
Part 18: Pawn
Part 19: The Beginnings of a Plan
Part 20: Whipping Boy

And Fanart by ramalama14
Tags: marvel, x-men, young avengers

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