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For 5_sense Challenge: Anole Edition 2

Theme 5: Memory
Title: Momento Mori
Fandom: New X-men
Character: Victor 'Anole' Borkowski
Rating: PG
Warnings: M/M, decidedly one sided.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Victor Borkowski sat on the pedistal of the statue and looked up into the bronze casting of his mentor's face. Most people said it was an excellent likeness of the haughty Jean-Paul Beaubier. Victor was inclined to disagree.

The casting didn't have the little lines that life had etched on Northstar's features. It couldn't capture of animation of his face when he was speaking.

It didn't show the pure joy on his face when he was in flight, or the little line that would show up between his eyebrows when he was grading papers.

Victor reached out to touch the cold bronze face between the eyebrows. It was smooth, and not at all like Mr. B's.

The boy smiled to himself. Northstar had said that he hated to be called 'Mr. B', but Vic had caught him smiling more than once as he muttered the name to himself.

A statue couldn't flash one of Jean-Paul Beaubier's all to rare smiles. They were beautiful smiles, and Victor had always worked extra hard to earn one.

He wasn't going to be earning any more of those smiles. He wasn't going to be learning to say any more dirty jokes in French.

As he kissed the cold bronze lips, Victor was forcibly reminded that he would never actually kiss Jean-Paul. All he could do was remember.
Tags: marvel, x-men

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