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Hold me now, I need to feel relief

An 30_wounds table starring Victor Borkowski. I was going to wait, but I'm almost done with my 100moods table anyway.


1. 'It's just a flesh wound' 2. Sharp tongue 3. Killing blow 4. Take it like a man 5. Catscratches
6. Die for you 7. Sadomasochism 8. Whipped 9. Black and blue 10. Hospital
11. Bandages 12. 'This hurts me more than it hurts you' 13. If looks could kill 14. Last one standing 15. Worth dying for
16. 'You're bleeding' 17. 'I fell down some stairs' 18. Kiss it better 19. Go down in flames 20. Infection
21. Accept defeat 22. Let me see your scars 23. Bloodstains 24. Stabbed in the back 25. Will to live
26. Die by your hand 27. Battle fatigue 28. Papercut 29. Drunken brawl 30. Heal
Tags: marvel, x-men

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