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The Nanny Incident

Title: The Nanny Incident
Author: fullmetal_cute
Fandom: Young Avengers
Prompt: 30-A/23. Tower Block
Character/Pairing: NicoxTommyxVictor
Rating: PG
Word Count: 333
Summary: After that, it was decided that there would be no more nannies.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: I own nothing. Part of my That Damn Mpreg series.

It was Tommy’s idea to hire a nanny for Ray-Ray. The idea came to him when Kate had mentioned in passing, during one of those rare times when she could be talked into babysitting, that she’d had a nanny until she was eight.

After that, Tommy carefully considered the fact that he was a super-hero, and that Nico worked insane hours for the DA of L.A., and that there wasn’t always going to be someone available to baby-sit.

It wasn’t hard to get Nico to agree with him on the plan. A nanny would mean that Rachel would be spending the day in L.A. instead of wherever Tommy could find a babysitter, thus allowing Nico the chance to actually spend time with her child at the end of the day.

When the idea was mentioned to Victor, the mutant pointed out that it would be good for the three year old to actually get on a schedule. Thus, the three most important people were in agreement on the matter.

Nico and Tommy interviewed four nannies before they found Regina. Regina was good with kids. Regina had excellent references. Regina could work the kind of insane hours the Minoru-Shepard household needed.

Regina worked for them for almost three months before she sold Ray-Ray to a group that believed all super-humans had made a pact with Satan.

The end result was a destroyed block of towers, a cross-country man hunt, and Ray-Ray being in the constant company of one of her parents or Victor for the next year because she burst into tears whenever they were gone.

That was the end of all talk of nannies.

The only part of Regina that was ever found was her left pinkie.
Tags: marvel, runaways, that damn mpreg, x-men, young avengers

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