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Need for Speed

Title: Need for Speed
Author: fullmetal_cute
Fandom: Young Avengers
Prompt: 30-A/6. Blackboard
Character/Pairing: Tommy Shepard. Beware of OCs!
Rating: G
Word Count: 288
Summary: There are times when Ray-Ray needs her father more than anyone else.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: Part of my That Damn Mpreg series. OCs are mine, Tommy belongs to Marvel.

“Dad? Where are you?”

Tommy checked his watch, tucking his cell phone between his shoulder and his ear. “At the Tower. Shouldn’t you be in detention about now?”

“I am, butthepenguinistotallyhavingapanicattackorsomethingandIfinishedwritingallthelinesontheboardalready and could you please come here please Dad?” Ray-Ray took a long breath, during which Tommy managed to get from New York City to somewhere that he was pretty sure was still east of the Mississippi.

“Stay where you are, Ray-Ray. I’m on my way.”

Tommy could run from New York to L.A. in nine minutes. He knew this because he made the run several times a week. A lot could happen in nine minutes, so this time, he made it in six.

Ray-Ray was still in the detention room, offering a nun a bottle of water. The woman was mumbling prayers and staring at Ray-Ray like she’d never seen the girl before, despite the fact that they spent almost every afternoon together in the detention room.

The blackboard was covered with Ray-Ray’s untidy scrawl.

Tommy checked his watch again, confirming what he had suspected. Detention had started eight minutes ago. “Ray-Ray?”

“Irandowntothestoretogethersomewater,” the girl said quickly, running a hand through the untidy tangle of her black hair and crossing the room in a blink of an eye. “She’s totally freaking out.”

“Yeah,” Tommy agreed, ruffling Ray-Ray’s hair. “You’re gonna need a haircut. Long hair and superspeed… not such a great mix.”
Tags: marvel, that damn mpreg, young avengers

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