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A new 100_prompts table for New X-Men.

Status: In Progress

001.Threat 002.Empire 003.Falter 004.Compliment 005.Glass
006.Honour 007.Work 008.Jealous 009.Strings 010.Semantics
011.Innocence 012.Dispose 013.Blaze 014.Neglect 015.Quake
016.Guess 017.Quarrel 018.Brood 019.Effort 020.Now
021.Solve 022.Rest 023.Soon 024.Listen 025.Haze
026.Excite 027.Verbal 028.Fragment 029.Inert 030.Classic
031.Animal 032.Jagged 033.Strange 034.Measure 035.Ashes
036.Leave 037.Fit 038.Elusive 039.Painstaking 040.Unfold
041.Wrap 042.Friend 043.Swift 044.Seasons 045.Need
046.Writer's Choice 047.Writer's Choice 048.Writer's Choice 049.Writer's Choice 050.Writer's Choice
Tags: marvel, x-men

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