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Stockholm Syndrome

Title: Stockholm Syndrome
Fandom: X-men/Runaways
Characters: Victor Borkowski, Topher, Julian Keller
Prompt: 76. Predatory
Word Count: 169
Rating: PG-13
Summary: He never thought…
Author's Notes: Sequel to Call For Help.

Victor had thought he would never hear Julian Keller whimper.

The sound… the very fact that he had made the cocky telekinetic afraid… it was intoxicating. Better than sex, even. Victor ran his tongue over his teeth, savoring the sweet taste of his friend’s blood. “You where right,” he said, turning to Topher.

“Of course I was,” the older vampire said, sounding faintly offended. “I’m always right.”

“Of course you are,” Victor hastened to agree. “Anyway, the ones we’ll really need to worry about are Cessily and Santo; I don’t think either of them have blood. Oh, and Laura-”

“I think Nico can handle them,” Topher said, barely glancing at the pale thrall who he continued to deny immortality to.

“We need to do it when the X-Men aren’t-”

“Vic, stop worrying. I’ve got it all under control.”
Tags: marvel, runaways, x-men

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