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Coin Operated Boy

Title: Coin Operated Boy
Author: dorksidefiker
Fandom/Pairing: Wanda Maximoff/Vision
Word Count: 268
Rating: PG-13
Summary: She has a coin operated boy.
Table/Prompt: 50-A/32. Naked
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Warning(s): Implied sex.
A/N: This one’s for gaymuffin, one of the most steadfast Vision/Wanda shippers I’ve ever met. Blending Evo-verse with 616-canon is fun.

Coin operated boy
With a pretty coin opereated voice
Saying that he loves me
That he's thinking of me
Straight and to the point
That is why I want a coin operated boy.
-- 'Coin Operated Boy', Dresden Dolls

Wanda studied the wall of the SHIELD bunker like she could divine the future from the flat grey surface. She could feel the comfortable weight of Vision’s arm draped over her stomach, the metallic surface cool against her bare skin. He was pressed against her back, his face in her hair.

Pietro was going to have a cat.

Admittedly, that was part of the appeal


She sighed. “You’re awake?”

[I do not sleep,] Vision admitted. [Is something wrong?]

“I was pretending to be asleep,” Wanda said dryly, stretching slowly before rolling over to face the android. He reached up and brushed her hair out of her face, then ran his fingers gently across her cheek.

[Would you like me to pretend that you are sleeping?] he asked honestly, a slightly puzzled frown on his face.

“No,” Wanda said, running a hand down his chest. He was cool to the touch, but getting warmer.

[I love you,] he said, wrapping his arms around her. She nuzzled his shoulder and said nothing.
Tags: x-men: evolution

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