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Title: Behind the School
Rating: R. Very, very R.
Universe: X-Men: Evolution
Summery: Plot? I know no ‘Plot’! Sam wants Gambit to leave Rogue alone. Gambit’s always been a sucker for a Southern accent. Set around Stuff of Villains.

Title: How it Goes
Fandom: X-Men: Evolution
Characters: Sam Guthrie/Remy Lebeau
Prompt: 81. How
Word Count: 284
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Gambit’s in a bit of trouble.
Author's Notes: Sequel to Behind the School. Set Post-Series.

Title: Parlez-vous Français
Fandom: X-Men: Evolution
Characters: Sam Guthrie, Remy LeBeau
Prompt: 37. Sound
Word Count: 168
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sam's caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.
Author's Notes: Sequel to How It Goes.

Title: King of Hearts
Fandom: X-Men: Evolution
Characters: Sam Guthrie
Prompt: 47. Heart
Word Count:
Rating: PG
Summary: This means war.
Author's Notes: Sequel to Parlez-vous Francais

Title: What to Do
Fandom: X-Men: Evolution
Characters: Rogue, Cannonball, Gambit
Prompt: 21. Friends
Word Count: 124
Rating: PG
Summary: They're plotting to get rid of their unwanted suitor
Author's Notes: Sequel to King of Hearts
Tags: x-men: evolution

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