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50 X-Men: Evolution Wanda Maximoff stories for 100_Prompts on Greatest Journal. Cause I never saw a challenge table I didn't like.

Status: In Progress

001.Doubt. 002.Magical. 003.Tomorrow. 004.Blank. 005.Destiny.
006.Picture. 007.Gentle. 008.Wrong. 009.Circle. 010.Breakfast.
011.Ice. 012.Wonder. 013.Balcony. 014.Honor. 015.Shaken.
016.Regal. 017.Now. 018.Child. 019.Stone. 020.Clarity.
021.Weeks. 022.Purple. 023.Freedom. 024.Dark. 025.Too Much.
026.Friends. 027.Hers. 028.Journey. 029.Quarrel. 030.Regret.
031.Forgiveness. 032.Naked. 033.Transparent. 034.Ancient. 035.Severe.
036.Cemetery. 037.Risk. 038.Knots. 039.Warmth. 040.Promises.
041.Race. 042.Hero. 043.Natural. 044.Silence. 045.Who?
046.Tears. 047.Chocolate. 048.Parents. 049.If. 050.Ribbon.
Tags: x-men: evolution

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