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Title: Unfair
Universe: X-Men
Prompt: 84. Pack
Rating: G
Summary: Sarah and Andrea have to leave.

“We shouldn’t have to leave,” Andrea muttered mutinously as she watched Sarah pack the last of her clothes away. “It’s not fair. This is our home too.”

“And what are we gonna do the next time Magneto attacks? Or some other asshat with a grudge?” Sarah slammed the lid of her suitcase shut. “We’re too vulnerable without powers, Andy. It’s for the best.”

“Your sister’s not going, and neither is Lazaro.”

“Jess is staying because she broke her leg getting landed on by some idiot who couldn’t fly anymore, and Laz is flying back to Africa in two days. Get your bags. It’s time to go.”
Tags: marvel, x-men

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