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Fox and the Hound

Title: Fox and the Hound
Author: fullmetal_cute
Fandom: Young Avengers
Prompt: 13. Test
Character/Pairing: Tommy Shepard
Rating: PG
Word Count: 235
Summary: You have to flush the fox out of it's den before you can catch it.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: Sequel to Forging.

I own nothing. Nada, zilch, zip. Sueing me would be a waste of your time.

“I want it stated for the record that I object to using KM-28143 to track down TS-29067. She’s supposed to be for covert ops.”

“She’s the best thing we’ve got. She can track him and bring him down with minimal damage.”

“She can kill him with her brain.”

“… someone needs to stop watching Firefly.”

My objection is that she’s too difficult to control. If she breaks loose--”

“As long as we have her brother, we can get her back.”

“And if she kills the boy?”

“Then we’ll have a better idea of what she can do. Thing of this as a field test for both of them.”


The mind numbing terror descended on Tommy like a tsunami, sending him crashing to his knees. He let out a low groan, clutching his head. He was aware, vaguely, of Kate asking him what was wrong. But mostly he was aware of the fear, making his heart pound and bringing bile to his mouth.

Run something in his brain whispered. Get away. RunrunrunrunrunrunRUN!

Tommy was always one to listen to his instincts. He ran.


“Where is he?”


“But you said he was stationary when you found him!”

“I made him move.”

What? He’s a speedster, you daft bitch! He gets running, we’ll never catch him.”

“Flush out the fox. Can’t get him in his earth. Have to have him cornered, away from protection.”
Tags: marvel, young avengers

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