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Title: Camping
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Chamber, Anole, Indra, Kidogo, Loa, Rubber Maid, Network
Prompt: 66. Rain
Word Count: 211
Rating: G
Summary: It never fails.
Author's Notes: Sequel to Untitled. Part of my AnolexChamber series.

It never fails, Jono thought as he pushed his way through the brush, trying to ignore the rain pelting down. Take the kids on a field trip, and some wannabe super villain shows up to much things up.

Jono himself couldn’t recall a single field trip from his Generation X days when they didn’t end up fighting mutants or aliens or robots or fairies.

And things were no different for this class.

He glanced around, making sure the students he’d managed to find were still there. Kidogo was perched on Loa’s shoulder, clinging to her hair while Network frowned as she tried to find a cell phone signal so they could call for help. Indra was on point, and Rubber Maid was in the rear, but Anole was nowhere to be found.

Victor Chamber called.

“Here.” The reptilian mutant faded into sight a few yards ahead.

Good. Okay, everyone try to maintain silence. I’ll link us telepathically, but don’t go to far. My range ain’t exactly something to write home about. He concentrated, touching each of their minds and linking them lightly through his.

At least, he tried to. Network brought with her a sudden surge of power that chamber didn’t notice until he yanked Anole deeper into his mind than he’d intended. The teenager let out a startled gasp, then turned quickly, fading into the underbrush. Sarah, keep trying to contact civilization, he instructed. I’m gonna scout ahead.

Network snickered softly. Yes, oh Fearless Leader.

Bugger, Jono thought.
Tags: marvel, x-men

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