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Title: Igor
Universe: Legion of Super Heroes vol 5
Prompt: 65. Body
Rating: PG
Summary: Sometimes, Atom Girl wonders about things. Companion to Acting

There are times when Salu Digby thinks about things, and can’t help but draw comparisons.

Like those ancient horror movies Cham watches. She’s sat in for a few, and when she watched Querl with the body of Dream Girl, she can’t help but think of a scientist raising the dead. She wonders if Querl will shout ‘It’s alive! Alive!’ when he succeeds.

She wonders if she’ll be the one to throw the switch.

She doesn’t voice her concerns to anyone. Her loyalty is to Brainiac 5, and she’ll follow him to the end of the universe, if that’s what he asks of her.
Tags: dc

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