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Title: Team
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Victor Borkowski, Sarah Vale, Andrea Margulies, Lazaro Kotikash, Alani Ryan, Paras Gavaskar, Jonothon Starsmore
Prompt: 26. Teammates
Word Count: 189
Rating: G
Summary: They’re sick of watching him brood.
Author's Notes: Sequel to Oral Fixation. *sticks her fingers in her ears and ignores Marvel Comics* I disbelieve the illusion. They’re not dead. They’re NOT.

Lazaro Kotikash grabbed Victor Borkowski around the waist and lifted him out of his chair. “No more brooding,” the tall micromorph said, carrying him out of the cafeteria, past Jono’s curious gaze. Victor protested every step of the way, and he was almost free when Andrea wrapped herself around him, tangling his limbs. She gave him a cheerful smile.

“We’re going outside,” she informed him sweetly, planting a kiss on his cheek.

“Ack! Cooties!” Victor mock-shrieked obligingly. It was their little game.

Paras, Alani, and Sarah were waiting outside, a large basket suspended between the two girls.

“Am I being given a choice in this?” Victor asked.

“No,” Alani and Sarah announced in unison. Alpha Squadron marched towards the wilder parts of the grounds, bearing their leader unwillingly along.
Tags: marvel, x-men

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